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We Are Deliberately Different

Compare our services, quality machines, technology, prices and customer service with other vending companies and you will see the difference. We make sure our customers receive the very best service and products available. We stock what you want, not what we want you to have.


We very efficiently manage our locations in the Birmingham Metropolitan area to ensure the best service to all of our customers. We service by need, not by a schedule, so you are not looking at empty machines.


We use the latest cashless technology and vending management systems to maximize efficiency. We deliberately keep our prices low because we minimize waste and overhead by closely managing our product inventory, machines and routes.


You can easily contact us through multiple means:

All of our machines are equipped with a convenient QR Code that takes you directly to our Website Contact Form. We constantly monitor all of our information streams and it is our pledge and pleasure to answer and serve you promptly. 


Just like any industry, snack and beverage vending is operated in the full spectrum of capability from very poor to stellar. If you are a business owner or manager who is tasked with selecting and managing a vending company for your business or facility, there are many factors to consider for the best fit. There are common problems in vending that appear in vending companies of all sizes, from small one person operations to large multimillion dollar operations. A large vending company does not always translate to the best service so a vendor of any size should be gauged on their handling of standard vending industry concerns. If you currently have vending machines, go to your machines with the following checklist and rate your vendor. If you do not have vending right now, structure your interview with prospective vending companies with these questions in mind.

  1. Are the machines old and unreliable?

  2. Are the machines unusually noisy?

  3. Are your machines too small for your business?

  4. Are your machines too large for your business?

  5. Are your machines constantly out of order and pasted with signs requesting refunds?

  6. Are there expired items in the machines?

  7. Does chocolate melt in your machine?

  8. Do your machines remain out of stock until your route person decides to come replenish them?

  9. Do you have a clear and easy way to reach customer service?

  10. Is customer service responsive?

  11. Do your machines only accept cash with no credit, debit and Applepay options?

  12. Do your bill acceptors constantly frustrate you by rejecting your bills?

  13. Is your current vending service unresponsive in stocking items that you want?

  14. Look at the buttons and controls on your machine. Are they black and brown with grime and filth?

  15. Do you see crumbs in your machine?

  16. Do you see an unusual amount of moisture inside or under the machine?

  17. Do you see mold?

  18. Do you see cobwebs and dust balls under the machine?

If you answered yes to four or more of these questions as it pertains to your current vending company, know that there are better companies out there for you. If you are interviewing a prospective vendor and they cannot provide tangible answers or show you their operational policies that would be applicable to your facility, then look elsewhere.  In your search for a vending company that can meet these concerns you need not look any further than VitaVend. VitaVend’s standard operations positively answer each of these vending concerns to your favor. We are a different type of vending service that is customer-focused, engaging and highly sanitary in its operations.

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